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Now available for major festivals & venues. 


Step into the saucy world of Rhonda’s After Party a mythical (or is it!?) up-late rumpus hosted by Australian theatre royalty, Rhonda Burchmore OAM.  This adults only extravaganza invites the audience to become Rhonda’s exclusive guests as her cabaret companions join her for drinks, laughter, and jaw-dropping performances. The production begins with a cast of entertainers heading back to Rhonda’s place for a post show after party, a place for her friends – the performers – to let their hair down and show off their best party tricks (or bits!) to their guests – you!

Part variety, part immersion: this music, circus & laughter experience is the perfect nightcap for any lover of fun! Get ready for a dazzling night of entertainment like no other.

Strictly 18+. Contains nudity, course language and strobe lighting. 

CAST: Rhonda Burchmore, Katrina Louise, ‘Bath Boy’ Stephen Williams, Mario Queen of the Circus, Pricasso, Lilikoi Kaos

CO-CREATORS: Helen Cassidy, Clarke McFarlane, David Carberry, Tom Oliver


Now available for major festivals, unconventional spaces & venues. Written by UK Theatre Gods, Alexander Wright & Phil Grainger. 

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Two kids meet out dancing, they’re set to fall hard.
A woman is on a beach, alone at night, looking at the stars. A bloke is on a bridge, thinking about jumping, just before dark. 

Performed as a 12 track album, THE GODS THE GODS THE GODS is an exhilarating weave of big beats, heavy bass lines, soaring melodies and heart-stopping spoken word. Wright& Grainger call us to the crossroads of Greek mytholygy and modern life to mourn, to love and to hope.

Performed as a live gig on three stages which surround the crowd, the show is an uplifting communal experience which invites you - the gods - to take up your own power


 It’s now been performed over 200 times in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and won several awards

★★★★ "Perfect piece of gig theatre" British Theatre Guide
★★★★ "Euphoric... Incredibly powerful" The Stage


 Best Theatre, Adelaide Fringe

 Critics Choice, Adelaide Fringe

Best Theatre, Fringe World Perth

Best Music, Sydney Fringe


International multi-award-winning modern re-telling of an ancient myth. Available for major festivals, venues and unconventional spaces. Written by UK Theatre Gods Alexander Wright and Phil Grainger.


Dave is single. He’s stood at the bar. Eurydice is a tree nymph. And Bruce Springsteen is on the juke box. 

A tale of impossible, death defying love
told through hair raising spoken word
and soaring acoustic soul music. 
Wright&Grainger weave a world of dive bars,
side streets and ancient gods. 

Since it’s creation in 2016, ORPHEUS has played over 500 shows
nationally and internationally between festivals, cafes, gardens, railways arches, bars,
tents, churches, yoga studios, boats, record shops, breweries, loft apartments and the very occasional theatre. It’s won multiple awards including
WINER: Best Theatre (Fringeworld) 2018
Best Music(Sydney Fringe) 2019
Beyond Words (Dunedin Fringe) 2019
Critics Choice (Adelaide Fringe) 2023

‘Theatrical Magic. I laughed, I cried, I loved it.’ Glam Adelaide 
‘Charming, uplifting… storytelling at its finest. Adelaide Advertiser 
‘A true gem of a show who's praise I want to sing from the rooftops’ VoiceMag

Words by Alexander Wright
Music by Phil Clive Grainger


Now available for major festivals, unconventional spaces & venues. Written by UK Theatre Gods, Alexander Wright & Phil Grainger. 


A lad lives half way up a historic hill.
A teenager is on a road trip to the city in a stolen c


A boy is driving a chariot, pulling the sun across the sky.

A story about the son of the god of the sun,
HELIOS transplants the Ancient Greek tale
into a modern-day myth wound round
the winding roads of rural England
and into the everyday living of a towering city.
A story about life, and about the invisible monuments we build to it

‘Very cleverly involves the audience in an hour in which past and present, the ancient and the contemporary, lightness and darkness mingle’ - LYN GARDNER
‘Quiet intimacy & boyhood wonder’ - THE GUARDIAN
‘Electric hour of performance’ - PLAYBILL
‘This company truly are the best at storytelling’ - THREEWEEKS
‘Powerful’ - THE SCOTSMAN


Written by Alexander Wright
Score by Phil Clive Grainger

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