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Team TOP

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is the hard working team keeping all projects afloat. We may be small but we are mighty. We pride ourselves on dreaming big, caring deeply, being organised and most importantly: being easy to work with. We want every person on the project to have had a good experience from start to finish. Sometimes our industry can be very high pressure, we want to approach every project with an open mind, work hard and pivot calmly when obstacles present themselves. There is always a solution. 

In addition to this core team, we work with hundreds of highly skilled and valued contractors each year across multiple departments. 

Our Services

We predominantly create and produce our own projects, but that doesn't mean we can't help with yours if the time is right! We are experienced in partnerships with all levels of Government, local business and the wider arts sector. Please reach out if you need assistance with your project. 



Team TOP are award winning producers of indoor & outdoor creative projects. All genres of performance and entertainment. We have an experienced team of creators and people who bring projects to life daily. Reach out to see if we can create something for you or collaborate with you.



Wynnum Fringe has been a 4 year learning phase that can easily be transferred to any town in the world. Reach out if you'd like any of the TOP events to happen in your town! 



Thinking of going on the road? TOP can be the general manager of your project to make sure it gets from town to town. The team have extensive networks across Australia and can help manage and promote creative projects of all sizes.

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