Stephanie Oliver


Tom Oliver Productions would not be here without Stephanie! As the queen bee of accounts (and Tom’s beautiful Mum), Steph’s sunny energy makes the day better here in the office - whether she’s offering tea, a Shakti mat or reminding us to eat lunch!

Her wealth of experience in managing things assures the TOP team that no matter how much we need to get done, everything is going to be ok!

Recently retiring from her career at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Steph was the Executive Coordinator for Queensland’s fire commissioner.

Having supported both her boys through their arts, sports and academic adventures over the past couple of decades, Steph is used to jumping on board, getting things done, balancing the books and providing snacks and encouragement. Check out her secret skill (hint: it’s singing, so it explains where Tom gets it from) on Spotify here:

In summary, get yourself a Steph-Mum. We 10/10 recommend.

Stephanie Oliver